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Tiny Bean's Corner in the IFB Universe

Hello IFB friends! Welcome to Tinybean's Corner, where we talk about shows, movies, books, and more that may be of interest to our IFB fans

This installment of Tinybean's corner, in Great Moments in Shatner we talked about the UnXplained on the History channel (also available on Hulu). These hour long episodes hosted by Shatner focus on a different "unexplained" topic, from Bigfoot to UFO's, etc. Very reminiscent of Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of, remember those? Here's the link for more info on the UnXplained and a great interview with my hero...
If you are interested in kick-ass female lead steampunk victorian-esque sci-fi fantasy, we have hit the motherload! Shadow and Bone on Netflix and The Nevers on HBO Max should fit the bill.
Shadow and Bone, based on the popular YA novels by Leigh Bargudo, is available to binge on Netflix. Don't let the 'YA' tag fool you, this is not a 'kiddie' show! It's dark, not just metaphorically, but at times the cinematography is a touch too dark, too. These shows are dense, there is a lot to take in, and I feel they throw a lot at you at once. "The Grishaverse" is definitely complex, so take your time, watch twice. The special effects and the actors are delightful, and though it may not be at the top of my list, it's worth checking out. Here's the trailer:
NOW, the one we've all been waiting for, The Nevers on HBO Max. How do you survive the Joss Whedon scandal? Well, you take a universe he created; and we all know he can create some fun universes; and you run with it - as far away from him as possible. In this case, it's 1896 London, 3 years after a celestial event that left a portion of the population "touched" with unusual (think XMen like) think of all the possible complications and social and political ramifications of that, add some fantastic actors (Laura Donnelly,who you might recognize from Outlander, I'm looking at you!) awesome inventions, kick ass fight scenes, and layers of mystery upon mystery. Suffice it to say, I am hooked. By episode 4 the stain of Whedon is gone completely and they are on their own.
AND they have a great podcast, for post show in-depth convo with the actors, directors, etc.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon! We'll be talking in coming episodes more about The Magicians (books vs show), 12 Monkeys series, The Expanse, more of The Nevers... is there anything on your list you want us to check out? Let us know!!
See you soon 🙂


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