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Tinybean's Corner of the IFB Universe 06.04.21

 It's an exciting time in Tinybean's corner of the IFB universe as we gear up for the summer! 

We did a deep dive on Army of the Dead, now available on Netflix. And as we touched upon, rumors are spinning hot and heavy about the creation of an Army of the Dead universe, so stay tuned:

...And definitely check out the Making of Doc as well as this terrific article:

IFB Summer Preview pt 1
I have carefully curated a few films/series options that I feel IFB fans will enjoy this summer. Check these out:

A Quiet Place 2 - in theatres now! Yes, actual movie theatres!! And streaming on Paramount Plus July 12  

Sweet Tooth - based on the DC comics! Hits Netflix June 4th. The reviews are coming in and they are everything I hoped they'd be:

What would summer be without a slick-big budget-blockbuster-alien fighting film? Enter The Tomorrow War, an Amazon Original starring Chris Pratt, hitting on July 2:

And the sleeper hit in my book is a Mark Wahlberg film directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day!) called Infinite. Check out the trailer here, I think this looks VERY promising:

Let me know what YOU think! See you soon IFB friends 


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