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Tiny Bean’s Corner of the IFB

 Hi IFB friends!! SO very sorry I cannot be there live tonight, but I promise I will be back in a few weeks! I will NOT leave you hanging though, there’s so much going on - here’s what we have to go over till then…


As we talked about a few episodes back we reviewed Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, and revealed that that film is going to be just the tip of the iceberg in this new universe he is creating. Well he didn’t waste any time! He’s already dropped a trailer for a prequel in the series: Army of Thieves for Netflix. This one will focus on our safecracking friend Ludwig Dieter leading a group of aspiring thieves on a romp, in the earliest days of the zombie outbreak serving as a backdrop. Check out the trailer here:  


Now I know I like to tell you about stuff that is coming soon, well this one is not exactly soon, it’ll be Thanksgiving, which I guess will get here soon enough! But seeing as how the trailer made me cry, I’ve just gotta drop this here…no words needed, just watch…I mean, who you gonna call??


I finally was able to watch A Quiet Place II, and friends, it did NOT disappoint! The film starts with an  intro “featurette” sequence that brings you back to Day 1 of the aliens invading, and it is incredibly well done. Details of the town grocery store, where the family scavenges from in the first film, beautifully set up. Eagle eyed IFB fans may recognize the store clerk, played by multiple classic Sci-Fi film character actor Wayne Duvall (XFiles anyone?) This movie is easily on par with if not better than the first one, a hard sell for any sequel as we all know. Emily Blunt is flawless as ever. This one also introduces a new character, the family’s uncle played by a super smart and tough Cillian Murphy. Millicent Simmonds as daughter Regan just gets better, and Krasinski’s manner of filming some of her sequences – with no sound so you can see what it is like for her as a hearing impaired person – is incredibly effective. Noah Jupeis also a talented kid turning up in lots of things these days. The aliens in the film are explored a little bit more, I am hoping for even more alien backstory in future. And the film ends leaving it wide open for a part 3, that I will eagerly be awaiting! Check out this review for more:


And finally, for now, a little info on our multi-spot deep dive into the world of Alien. I planned to talk about the design work of the late great H.R. Giger. He is the one primarily responsible for the look and feel of the xenomorph alien AND the derelict ship AND the eggs that hatch…etc. etc. Here is an excellent article on his work, and I love that they say you may not know his name, but guaranteed he has given you nightmares:

The Alien universe is an ever expanding one, this news dropped recently about an up and coming FX series based in the Alien universe:


That’s all for now IFB fans…! I so look forward to seeing you all soon, till then, remember: Fans Fuel the Fleet! And there’s always something fun coming up in Tinybean’s Corner 😊



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