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Tiny Bean's Corner of the IFB Universe / Oct. 14, 2021

 Hello friends! Sorry I couldn't join in live last week, but looking forward to seeing you all on the 28th. On the meantime, a couple of tidbits till then...

Need another reason to check out AppleTv+? Check out the trailer for Invasion, landing Friday the 22nd:
Lots of promise here! The unique part is that the events are shown in real time from the perspective of 5 different people around the globe as they all realize the earth is being invaded by aliens. Oh, and there's Sam Neil, don't we all love Sam Neil?? Brought to you by Producer Simon Kinberg, check out his list of credits and I promise you there's something on there you like.

It's time to talk Squid Game. Have you seen it yet? (not you, Mom, it's not your speed) The biggest hit Netflix has ever seen is a dark, violent series from South Korea. The premise is simple, there is a series of games you can sign up to compete in to win an absolutely life changing fortune in money. The catch? The stakes are literally life or death. And there is a lot of death. This is not for the squeamish. But Squid Game is more than a gratuitous horror series. Is this a comment on economic disparity and moral bankruptcy? Definitely. And the series is incredibly compelling, the sets creepy and perfect, dialogue is crisp, the acting spot on. The challenges each one-up the one before and as you get more involved in the characters the harder it is to stop watching. Twists abound and I will not give them away. But a season 2 may be in the cards...I can hardly wait. Hoping the success of this show will create a need for more shows of this level of quality from around the world. Thank you Netflix for expanding our viewing options!
Here's the trailer:

Now the next time I see you it will be just before Halloween!! I'll have to check out Halloween Kills because, well, you just gotta. But Halloween makes me sentimental, and I'll be hoping to catch some of my favorite spooky shows between now and then. Hoping you all can tell me what your favorite spooky Halloween favorites are?? Do you have any to recommend that may fly"under the radar"?? I'm looking for new options! Let me know, and I'll see you soon
-Tinybean :-)


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